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UKIP Manchester:

What Does UKIP Manchester Stand For?


UKIP Manchester stands for the same fundamental beliefs that UKIP the party stands for: libertarianism, belief in smaller government, the right to self-determination by the UK under its own sovereignty, the removal of the UK from the EU political union, controlled migration (using an Australian points system type arrangement), better support for SME businesses and an equality of all people.


UKIP began as a one-policy party - the removal of the UK from the EU.  Since 2010 the party has grown and now represents people (of all walks of life) who Believe in Britain and who believe that this country can be governed better.


We won the EU Referendum on 23 June 2016, but the Tories are now looking like they are back-tracking and Labour has collapsed in upon itself as they fight to see who gets their snout in the gravy train, forgetting that people voted Labour to see them be an effective opposition.  In that the Labour Party has absolutely failed the members who voted for it.  UKIP is the third largest political party in the UK.  At the 2020 General Election (or maybe if there is one in 2016) UKIP intends becoming a larger parliamentary party.  UKIP Manchester, UKIP Greater Manchester and UKIP North West will all be at the heart of this.


If you want to join UKIP in Manchester please contact us and we will tell you when the next meeting is being held.  We would be delighted to meet you before hand to discuss what it is that you want when joining us.  You can support us and not attend meetings if you so wish, you can support us best by donating regularly to our branch.


UKIP Manchester welcomes everyone.  Do not listen to the regressive left or the left leaning media.  We have a gay secretary, a mixed race treasurer, a female membership secretary: we welcome everyone regardless of any labels that society has given them.  We run a strict no bigotry rule in the branch and expect everyone attending to be polite and accepting of other people and their views.




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