"I seem to smell the stench of appeasement in the air."

Margaret Thatcher



UKIP Manchester Treasurer

Mark Davies


I am a keen student of History and gained my degree in British Political History at Leeds University. Following graduation I enjoyed a 20 year career in Corporate IT sales, working in senior roles for Fujitsu, SkillsGroup and EDS (Hewlett Packard), now I have a number of small businesses.


I grew up in the South West but have lived in South Manchester for over 20 years and very much regard it as home.  I joined UKIP 3 years ago, prior to that I had never been a member of any political party. Over the years I have watched the mainstream political parties and the media effectively merging into a single entity, they have no regard for the interests of ordinary British people. For me UKIP was the the only political party that had a credible agenda and understanding of the issues, in support of that I have stood for UKIP in the 2015 General Election and a number of council elections.


As the name would suggest, I work on all matters related to the financing of the UKIP Manchester Branch.  If you wish to make a donation to us, please feel free to do so through our donations page. if you would prefer to pay regularly or would like to make a large donation, please contact this website and we will happily discuss with you methods that are available.





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