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Blog 6

UKIP Manchester Supports Diane James

By Kalvin Chapman

UKIP Manchester Secretary


Today (Sunday 28 August 2016) UKIP Manchester's Chairman Phil Eckersley announced to the members of UKIP Manchester that the branch's committee has taken the decision to support Diane James in her bid to become the next leader of UKIP.


The branch took the decision (by full agreement of the branch) that we would await the hustings and how candidates acted publicly before the branch would back any candidate.  Having seen Diane James give interviews and following her evening held in Manchester, the committee has taken the view that Diane James would make the best leader of UKIP.


UKIP Manchester would like to see Bill Etheridge and Liz Jones given a senior positions by Diane James.  Bill Etheridge has shown that he is a man of great integrity who really represents the grassroots of UKIP.  Liz Jones came across as an excellent candidate, but had too little visibility.  UKIP Manchester has been very impressed with how Bill & Liz have conducted themselves in this contest.


UKIP Manchester has found Lisa Duffy's campaign to be negative and the bullying of young UKIP members by her team and the abuse heaped on Steven Woolfe has been unedifying and at times outrageous.


Diane James has set out her vision for the first 100 days of her leadership.  She has agreed that the 2015 General Election manifesto should be the basis for taking UKIP forward for electoral success.  Diane considers that looking at and considering a new constitution is important, and the removal of the NEC a priority.  Diane has represented the party well historically and would look to attract new people to UKIP.  Growth of the party membership is important, and Diane is someone who will be attractive to a wider group of people and she understands the party's grassroots.  Diane knows and understands how elections can be won.  UKIP Manchester would like to see Diane implement what she has promised.


UKIP Manchester's secretary asked Diane why she had not attended the hustings, because many members have taken it as being rude and dismissive of the other candidates.  Diane confirmed that she had been against the hustings before they were announced (and told the party this) and thought it was better for candidates to hold nights where they can put across their issues and what they would offer the party and, importantly, answer questions that members may have.  The hustings have simply not allowed anything more than two minute sound bites.  An evening would allow priorities to be explained in full, which the hustings will not allow.


Having considered everything said and the public reaction to each of the candidates, together with what each candidate can offer, Diane James shone as the candidate that would benefit the party most.  Bill Etheridge and Liz Jones showed themselves to be excellent candidates, but Diane excelled.  Both Bill and Liz have an excellent future with the party and UKIP Manchester is really glad they stood, and wishes them both well for the future.  They should be proud of their campaigns.







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