"It's amazing how ideas start out, isn't it?"

Nigel Farage



UKIP Manchester



UKIP Manchester was set up in 2013.  Getting enough people to stand has been difficult.  we have an aim of getting our first councillor(s) by 2018 and our first MP in 2020.  We have a strong machine behind the party.  We have a dedicated branch.  We now just need the money & people donated.  An election needs various things.  We need people to stand, to appear on the ballot paper.  Without a name on the ballot paper, we cannot be voted for.  We are always looking for people who will be willing to stand.  All you need to do is agree to have your name on the ballot paper, we will do the rest.  The people that stand and be involved in hustings, TV interviews & campaigning on the street are different.  They have a passion for the party & politics.  They understand what UKIP stands for and what UKIP Manchester stands for.  They love being in a hustings, demonstrating what the party and the UKIP Manchester branch actually stands for.  Paper candidates are simply names on a ballot, and you do not have to worry about facing TV cameras or to challenge the opposition in a hustings.  If you are a UKIP member and you wish to see UKIP Manchester go further, please contact us.


The following shows the actual votes cast for UKIP Manchester in each of the local elections since 2014.  Below that are the average votes per ward for the same period.  As you can see, where UKIP Manchester has stood a candidate, we have on average come second.  We need more people to stand, and in 2018 we will have a councillor and by 2020 we will have an MP.


Actual Votes 2014 - 2016


Labour               246,493

Conservative       37,783

UKIP                     28,692

Green                   46,424

LibDem                43,433

Other                      9,365


Average Vote 2014 - 2016


1st Labour              2568

2nd UKIP                  717

3rd Green                 484

4th LibDem               462

5th Conservative      94







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