“If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.”

George Orwell


At the heart of every branch is the membership.  At UKIP Manchester we want the membership to have a free voice.  We also want the membership to be able to see what we the branch committee have to say.  This Blog space on the website is intended for members to write what they think, and to allow the UKIP Manchester Committee to be able to communicate what we think and to try and voice the concerns of the members we work with.


The following are the blogs as they currently are.  Please contact the UKIP Manchester Committee if you want to write here or have any comments about what is written here.


13.  UKIP Manchester & The Future.


10.  Why I am standing for the NEC by Kalvin P Chapman, Manchester UKIP Secretary


9.  Left Leaning Media Lies About UKIP & Racism, Homophobia etc by Kalvin P Chapman


8.  Brexit: Remain Politicians' Back Biting


7.  Brexit: The Sun is Rising Not Setting. by Kaide Seager


6.  UKIP Manchester supports Diane James as the next leader of UKIP


4. The Future of Great Britain is Global by Mark Davies


2. EU Referendum by UKIP Manchester Chairman


1.  UKIP Manchester needs your support! by UKIP Manchester Chairman



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