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UKIP Manchester & The Future

By Kalvin Chapman

UKIP Manchester Secretary


Once again we go forth into a new leadership contest.  Certain sectors of the media are telling us that UKIP is in disarray.  A disgraced MEP, who resigned from UKIP and now sits as an independent, gave a press interview (with the BBC, not surprisingly) and said that UKIP was in a death spiral.  No, with respect, we are not.


Whoever is the leader, UKIP has a future.  UKIP's policies are not the one policy that the extreme left seem to think we have (they are too special to actually read what our policies are).  But who the new leader is will be important.  People on Twitter and Facebook are threatening to reign if their favoured candidate is not elected.  No matter who is elected, I would expect a large number of members to leave.  That is really sad, that they will resign.  I would prefer that we all get behind the leader and make UKIP the next party of opposition.  We had 4 million votes in 2015.  We had a huge hand in the 17 million who voted to leave the EU.  We should be celebrating the referendum result, but instead we are in huge fights.  It is time to fix things.


UKIP Manchester has, surprisingly, only been in existence since 2013.  Set up by the UKIP Manchester chairman, the branch continues to be a success. We have a lot to do.  The chairman, the secretary (me) and the member secretary (Katie Fanning) have all stood for the NEC.  We each have a desire to make sure that who ever the next leader is the party undergoes a transformation to make us a leading political party.


As well as wanting to fix the issues with the national party, each of us really has a desire to make sure that UKIP Manchester gains electoral success.  The next council elections are in 2018.  There is an election in 2017 for the Greater Manchester Mayor.


In order for UKIP Manchester to move forward and gain electoral success, we need donations.  We need you to donate money, we need you to donate time and we need you to stand for wards.  We have 18 months before the next election.  It would be amazing if we can stand a candidate in every ward.  The LibDems, Green and Conservatives manage to stand someone in almost every ward at every local election. We need people to come forward and stand as a paper candidate.


A paper candidate is someone who puts their name on the ballot, but for whom no active canvassing is done.  The branch picks a ward or two and campaigns heavily in those wards.  But we want everyone in Manchester to be able to vote for a UKIP candidate.  That also provides us with data about where we have the biggest support.


If you want to help, whether it be cash or time, please contact us.  We would be delighted if you can help with cash, or just deliver 100 leaflets, but most of all we want paper candidates and we need people supporting us with money.


The top wards we have data for, has the following where we came second in the 2014 to 2016 elections for Manchester Council.


Second Place                   % Vote

Moston 2014                    38.78

Higher Blackley 2014        32.98

Charlestown 2014             32.33

Charlestown 2015             27.06

Charlestown 2016             27.36

Moston 2016                     26.82

Higher Blackley 2016        25.77

Higher Blackley 2015        25.75

Brooklands 2014               24.76

Woodhouse Park2014       23.41

Harpurhan 2015                23.11

Baguley 2014                    22.85

Gorton North 2016            21.98

Sharston 2016                  21.09

Baguley 2015                    20.90

Sharston 2015                  20.05

Harpurhan 2016               19.82

Gorton South 2014           18.67

Brooklands 2016              18.56

Woodhouse Park2015      18.34

Woodhouse Park 2016     16.44

Ancoats & Clayton 2014   15.66

Crumpsall 2014                15.54

Gorton South 2015           14.02

Gorton South 2016           12.09

Crumpsall 2016                10.31


So if you are still reading this article all the way down here, you care about UKIP Manchester.  Please contact us and join in today.  The branch is a vibrant branch that has people from their teens up to their seventies.  We welcome everyone.  Despite what the left would have people believe, we welcome gay people (I am gay), people of various ethnicities (we have a mixed race treasurer and a black campaign manager) and women (the branch's memberships ecretary is also the deputy chair of UKIP YI, our youth branch).  We only care about the content of your character, not the colour of your skin.




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