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Manchester Gorton By Election

UKIP Candidate: Phil Eckerlsey


UKIP Manchester Chairman Phil Eckersley is standing as the candidate for the Manchester Gorton seat in the 8 June 2017 General Election, having done so in the 2015 General Election.


We will have campaign days every Saturday.  Please contact us if you wish to help.  Please donate money to the campaign, we need money for leaflets & adverts.  You can donate through our DONATE page.

























Phil says as follows:


"UKIP is a party that is built on the British values of helping our fellow countrymen whilst at the same time supporting our cousins in the commonwealth and enabling them to celebrate a British way of life & achieve the highest capabilities in us all.


The ethnic diversity of Manchester is a fine example of the tolerant and welcoming nature of the people of Manchester. In Manchester Gorton I want to provide an environment that encourages people to help them help themselves, to achieve their dreams and to become the best that they can be. This ethos requires the drive and focus of an entrepreneurial mind, a concern for the community and firm values of law & order to deliver a landscape for strivers to succeed.


If we can build a community through which people can achieve better things and become leaders we will help build a brighter future for all, including for those that have no voice or whose voices are drowned out by others. UKIP is the voice of the working class and small business, we promote & support every tax paying and law abiding citizen.


I need you to lend me your votes so that I can start working for you to help bring a better sense of fairness to the funding received by Gorton from Government, for Gorton to be a part of the national and local benefits of being a part of the great City of Manchester and help build a community and neighbourhood that we are all proud of. Labour have been in charge for decades in Gorton and only delivered worsened living conditions - now is the time to re-consider historic allegiances to parties that care very little for you. To me & to UKIP you are not a means to an end or a meaningless statistic - to me you are the future - let me help you achieve that future."


We would be happy to discuss policy and what a UKIP MP can do for the people of Manchester.  Please contact us.


Press enquiries should be sent to press@kalvinchapman.co.uk








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