“Most people do not really want freedom, because freedom involves responsibility, and most people are frightened of responsibility.”

― Sigmund Freud,


UKIP Manchester

Get Involved


You can get involved by attending the meetings UKIP Manchester hold monthly, or by donating to the branch or both.  We need people to donate their time and to donate their money.


We meet on Wednesday or Thursday evenings, and we hold regular social events.


Donating to the branch is important, as our only source of funds to fund our election campaigns comes from branch members.  We are grateful for any donations.  If you wish to support UKIP Manchester by just donating money, we will welcome it.  If you can only help the branch by delivering 100 leaflets, we would be very grateful for it.  If you want to get involved in running a campaign, we would welcome that enormously.  Anything you can do to help UKIP Manchester, we will be very grateful.


If you would like to meet one of us for a coffee before coming to a meeting or to ask questions, please do get in touch - we would be delighted.  We obviously do not advertise on here where we meet because of the violence from certain far left people, we would be delighted if you could come.  Just contact us and we will happily tell you where we are.


If you would just like to join UKIP, you can go to the national page.  However, if you join through the branch then the branch gets to keep your first year's subscription.  Those funds are badly needed.  Please contact us if you would like to join - but if you would prefer to just do it over the internet, you will have to go to the national website by clicking HERE.  You could always do that and then donate through this website.




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